Laser cut

Laser cut

We have a Bystronic-Bysprint 3015 laser and we offer sheet metal cutting:

  • Cutting accuracy depending on thickness and length (0.05 - 0.2mm)
  • Maximum sheet of metal size 3000 x 1500 mm,
  • Sheet thickness for structural steel up to 20 mm,
  • Sheet thickness for stainless steel up to 12 mm,
  • Sheet thickness for aluminum up to 8 mm.
  • Laser engraving and marking.


Laser cutting ensures:

  • Achieving edges of very high quality.
  • Optimization of the layout of elements on the sheet of metal (material savings and thus lower production costs).
  • Ensuring repeatability of elements while maintaining accuracy for both simple and complex parts.

We cut elements based on files: DXF, DWG, STEP/STP or patterns.


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